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The members of SICM are not ordained within a church

Wherever a group of Christians gather, there is a church. The members of SICM, forming a corporate body with Christendom, represent one part of the Church. The Membership, in fellowship together and sharing worship and ministry together, create the appropriate setting, the Church, for the ordinations to take place.

But they are not properly ordained

Members choose whether they wish to receive ordination as ministers from the membership within a congregational fomr of ordination or whether they wish to be ordained Deacons and Priests by a Bishop. The ordinations take place acording to Christian tradition, properly conducted and are valid.

But the Priests are not accountable and members of the public have no wider body to turn to in case of problems

It is true that members work independently. However, the founding principles make it clear that all bear a mutual responsibility to one another which is a lifelong commitment. In the case of the public encountering a problem they should contact the secretary of the society and the matter would be treated with the utmost seriousness. The role of the society would be to work to remedy the situation to ensure only the highest standards of professionalism and integrity among the membership. There have been no such problems thus far.

But the members are not trained

All the members of SICM are experienced and equiped to provide the ministry they offer. Training is available in every are to members to ensure full capability. That training is offered both before and after ordination with a network of support and advice available 24 hours a day.

But they are not supervised?

Members choose a journey person from within the membership if they would like continued supervision in the development of their routine ministry. In addition  Bishop Johnathan is available 24 hours a day to offer supervision, advice and assist in difficult situations.

But you are a splinter group, a break away, divisive of the Body of Christ

Not so. We follow where Christ leads, trying to faithfully fulfil our calling. We are not a splinter group, are not divisive and have not broken away. We walk in a path faithful to Christian tradition, respectful of other Christians and the calling they follow, and offering ourselves and our work as an additional resource within the Body of Christ. We work with anyone, welcome anyone, exclude no one. Our work is a force for healing, repairing and building bridges. We offer unconditional love and grace to all. We are glad in a smuch as other Christians work with us. We understand in as much as other Christians do not. We follow Christ.