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The Holy Spirit is providing in this new millennium a Christian structure which tries to avoid the mistakes of the past and seeks to return to the roots of the Christian faith.

The church, as the world is in turmoil and conflict, endlessly preoccupied with arguments and division. It seems far from the life giving, healing, Inspiring and wonderful love which Jesus showed and which he commissioned us to show throughout our lives.

The different denominations own vast amounts of capital and are responsible for countless buildings. Thousands of hours are spent in committees, debating and arranging, planning and administering.

In addition, great hierarchies have developed with many chasing positions of power, status and authority. Alongside the growth of this religious empire many ordinary people find themselves cut off from the church. Their life-style, their approach to belief, their culture and their choices either make them unacceptable to the church or the church unacceptable to them. Something radical must be done. Now the Holy Spirit is at work among us.

The Society for Independent Christian Ministry ( SICM ) provides a corporate Christian structure within which those who have been called by God to be ordained can have their calling recognised, be ordained and authorised for ministry.

There are none of the random obstacles or contrived selection processes found in many of the other churches. There is not a system of subjective judgement or exposure to unjustified rejection. Those who can find 12 people from their community to stand with them and support them in their call to ministry are welcome to apply.

If God has called you, you will find an open door to the society.